Friday, 3 November 2017


The latest version of Nokia 112 or 1120 RM-837) flash files pack for all type of Nokia flashing devices just select model no and files will auto added on flash tab three basic files (MCU.CNT,PPM) files.
On this flash files pack we give the basic flash files (MCU,CNT,PPM) for your region so if you want to download Nokia 112 latest Urdu and hindi or bangale language flash files pack then you can download this pack easily just clicking on download Link
We share three working links for easy to download also share old version files if you want to install old version of flash files or if you want to change language file then select PPM file to change language. 

Nokia 112 simple phone with a lot of feathers and Nokia giving updates of this phone giving update is the latest update form Nokia.
On these verson of 3.51 files PPM is Indian language,s version if you want to Nokia 112 Hindi or Urdu flash files latest version then it is for you.

So download and enjoy the latest version of flash files or old version for Nokia 112.

You can easily use any flash tool to flash your phone and install the firmware on your Nokia 112 mobile phone. You can flash this phone with Infinity Nokia Best or ATF box or UFS Multi flashing tool flash your phone easily. To install the flash file on your phone the method is very simple and easy but always remember that the flashing is a risky method of flashing your phone in case during the flashing phone stop responding for flashing device then your phone can be death and one more point before flash any phone tack back up all of your data after flashing all of your data will be lose.


Before starte official update of your phone you must have to >

  • full backup all of your data like SMS,Contaccts,pics and videos afrter updating all of your data will be lose.
  • Make sure that your phone is charge up to 50%
  • Nokia USB drivers must be install on your PC.
  • Any Nokia Flashing tool or Box Must be install on your PC.
  • Correct firmware of your model must be download.

How to flash Nokia 112 (RM-837) phone?

Nokia 112 (RM-837) is BB5 based phone so if you want to flash this phone then you need to select BB5 band on you flashing tool then select RM-837 then one by one flash files on tab then connect USB flashing  cable with you phone then flash .

Before flashing if you have data on you phone then tack a backup then flash you phone flashing is eras all of you data form phone then if you phone is alive then backup you data first then flash.


That firmware update is only for only for Nokia 112 (RM-837) don't try to install that firmware on other models of Nokia devices that can be destroy your phone.



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