Wednesday, 29 November 2017

SP Flash Tool Latest Version v3.1352.01 Direct Download

SP Flash tool is the best flash tool for MTK based phones for flash or updates firmware of smartphones. IT is free app form MTK platform with the help of this tool you can easily flash or update ROM's of your smartphones, Tablets and other Android devices at home.

Flash or update firmware with SP Flash tool is so simple SP Flash tool have only support of scatter .txt based firmware file or simply we can say that factory flash files you can write with it the latest version of SP Flash tool have full support of latest CUP's for Media take platform for format NAND, EMMC and SCMMC type of CUP,s.

SP Flash Tool Version v3.1352.01

 A feature of SP Flash Tool.

  • Download:
Supports the function to download built image and binary data to the mobile phone. It provides many modes for the user to download and debug information for the user to runtime trace.

  • Format:
    This feature allows users to format phone NAND, EMMC or SDMMC flash chip there are two type of format option's AutoFormat and manual format if If “Auto Format Flash” is selected, the format range is according to the target NAN flash information reported by DA; No further information is required from user input but manual format By selecting “Manual Format Nand Flash”, the flash is formatted according to the specified range form users.

  • Readback:
    This feature allows the customer to read a length of Memory from the phone.

  • Memory Test:
    Smartphone Flash tool offers this feature for Users to test and verify the external memory Device RAM and NAND flash.
To download the latest version of SP F flash tool clicking on download link.



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